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You can’t work with wood and produce spectacular items of furniture if you don’t know wood. Wood is made up of hardwood and softwood and is fibrous, being able to be bent into a host of different shapes.

Our Custom Woodwork is evident everywhere

Wood is a material that never goes out of style and when you look around in Miami you can see our woodwork in evidence in hotels, restaurants, stores, homes, and offices.

With woodwork, there are so many options in terms of choice of wood, colors, textures, and stains and with each of our clients, these are incorporated into the woodwork so that their style and culture are identifiable.

Custom woodwork means at High End Interior Designer Miami we can offer door, cabinets, wood panels, decks, repairs, total home makeovers, refurbishments, built-in cabinets, shop fittings, cladding – and for all our residential- and commercial customers. 

We’re all about Superior Quality

Whatever our customers have in mind, we specialize in the supply of quality products and always at affordable prices throughout the Miami area and beyond to the USA,, Caribbean islands. We’re a 3rdgeneration who is in the business of renovation and millwork, The company which provides services and products. You can say that our custom woodwork is what we’re best at. 

The Right Wood for the Right Setting

Wood is a traditional building material and one of its best features is its longevity. Today it is admired for being a natural, environmentally-friendly building product. It is the characteristics and arrangement of the wood’s fibrous cells that affect strength in wood. 

We often use Oak as it possesses more tensile strength than other woods and is excellent for making horizontal beams.

Got an Idea? Call Us

You’ve probably got ideas of where you want to see new woodwork in your home or work. Call us at High End Interior Designer. We admire wood and love cutting, shaping, and joining wood to create floors, wall units, cabinets, and decorative items.

As woodworkers, we design our work on the computer and our CNC machines take care of the rest, cutting out pieces of wood. 

Our woodwork is always in demand because of our knowledge and expertise in residential and commercial construction. High End Interior Designer does high-quality 3D designs, We make changes until customers are completely satisfied before we start with our custom woodwork magic.

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