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If you want your home to take on a brand new image, the experts are available. Whatever you have in mind, High End Interior Designer residential renovation will provide you with more comfort, functionality and good looks.

Your home is going to need a helping hand if over the years it has started to look as though it has endured the ravages of time. Certainly, if your house is no longer big enough for your needs, a renovation can rectify that.

You may even have realized that your old home needs a complete rewiring as well as new skirting boards and wardrobes. Maybe your home is dingy and damp and you want it to be dry, bright and safe. It could be that it needs new heating, and a good idea could be to change your original and unused fireplace into an electric alternative.

Anything is Possible

With a renovation job you can have any ideas you want. You may want to convert your garage into a garden flat or get your kitchen and bathroom redone. With the rainy season coming, the thought of replacing your old guttering and fascias sounds like a good idea.

When all is done, there is still the painting of the walls, molding and trim as well as sealing and staining. All these detail-oriented finishes are the last stages of an interior and exterior residential renovation.

Quality & Right Choice

We have been working with residential and commercial clients across Florida and beyond. At High End Interior Designer, all our clients are those who demand the highest level of expertise and workmanship.  People recommend us to their family, friends.

As a residential renovation company in Miami, we know how important it is for homeowners to work within a budget and we stick to the budgets of homeowners, providing a quote first before commencing with any renovation work.

If you are deciding just how to transform your home with what you have, remember we offer the first consultation free of charge. Residential renovations need to be done by experienced professionals as there is so much to think about – getting a detailed assessment of the state of your property, checking for renovation restrictions before we start, applying for planning consents, completing a schedule of works, finding the best contractors for the renovation such as architects, electricians, plumbers, engineers and designers, and so much more.

We Fulfil ALL your Home Renovation Needs

Renovating a home is such a big project and a large investment and you don’t want any regrets. Call us at High End Interior Designer and let us manage every detail of your renovation to ensure that your investment is maximized and your home is everything you dreamed it would be.

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