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hdr construction services

Our designers will take care of all project phases from idea, Design, and Construction Administration, Our qualified experts give you the perfect solution for any commercial and residential project.

Focused services categories are Plans of (Furniture, Lighting), Wall panels, Elevations, Sections, Detailing, Wall panels staircases, Material & Finish Specifications. Our extended services consist of Construction, Project Management.

From our consulting partners, we provide services for all types of construction projects. We can help you in the following departments’ kitchen remodeling, bathroom remodeling, Living room remodel, Painting walls or Wall decor, New flooring or floor fixing, demolition building, room lighting design and its installation, Remolding,  electrical, plumbing, Commercial millwork or Residential millwork, custom closet, and luxury storage systems, custom Wall units and customized furniture, and many more.

Visit us at https://hdrmiami.com or call us +1 3059189118 our experts.

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