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Carpentry services for wall Panels / Tv wall units

Here at High End Interior Designer (High End Interior Designer) we take pride in creating custom and unique designs to complement our clients style and needs. Our dedication to designing and fabricating wall units for entertainment areas, libraries or decorative paneling is where practical meets design. Whether you want the wall unit in your space to be a focal point or to disappear with clean lines, we can make it happen!
High End Interior Designer's leading designers have honed in on professional ways to make the Wall Units a rightful dominant feature, while seamlessly blending it into the overall household aesthetic.

We have lots of TV wall options, starting with the simple, no-frills approach to designs that are there to impress. Chrome finishes keep your mounted television and speakers sleek and fuss-free, while borders, decorative brackets, and parlor-style frame displays all speak to the individual’s tastes and interior styles.
A great wall unit is an upgraded feature in your home, because its design is useful, aesthetically pleasing and practical. Aesthetics & features come together to reduce clutter from displaying books to ornaments. Your space will be taken to the next level when we design, fabricate and install a wall unit that’s tailored to your space. We can design units to suit your living room, entrance hall, passage ways, bedroom or any other space.
Our wall units and panels are custom made to the likings and needs of each client from Entertainment units to units that display books, art or unique pieces for show.
Contact us in Sunseti at our phone number 3059189118 to get started on your project!

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