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Offering the USA and Caribbean islands reliable CNC design and fabrication services for commercial, hospitality and entertainment projects. From simple one-time custom productions to large-scale mass production. With years of experience we can help you conceptualize, manufacture and complete projects of any size attention to detail and using the highest quality materials.

CNC – Amazing Technological Potential for Interior Design

It’s amazing that the first CNC machines were developed in the 1940's & 50’s qs they have come a long way. These computer numerically controlled machines manipulate tools such as lathes, shapers, routers and mills in many different industries as well as the design, building and construction industry.

Intricate and Elaborate Work with CNC

The beauty of these machines is that they can produce ultra-precise, detailed results in large quantities. At High End Interior Designer we make use of these CNC machines. In our industry – carpentry, millwork and renovation – we sometimes require large amounts of wood and metal to create products for our clientele.
When you compare the machine to traditional tools, interior design is much improved as the machine provides greater precision while designing structures of intricate and elaborate work.

Tiniest Details Achieved

We’ve all been to events, exhibits, and theatres where props are used and which require intricate details. CNC routers have the means to ensure that all the tiniest details are managed. Our CNC routers are used in a huge variety of advertising and prop applications. If you need to have props for corporate events, exhibits or trade show booths, you’ll be amazed at the capabilities of our CNC machines.

Our CNC machines can produce wall paneling for accent walls too to add a unique element of design to any space. The surface of the accent panel can be anything really – ceiling, doors, wall art and more. With CNC machine we can produce a host of creative elements in commercial or residential projects.
Working in the residential and commercial sectors, the entire hospitality and event industry makes use of many different design elements utilizing metal, wood acrylic and glass to create custom unique accents and add design finishes to add to the ambiance.

Huge amount of Capabilities

The machine is able to shape even heavy-duty parts for architectural and construction applications such as ceilings, doors and railings. It copes with all kinds of materials such as wood, metal, plastic and glass.
Specializing in residential- and commercial interiors, our CNC machines are perfect for completing large projects in a short time period. Which allows us to get the job done faster. We are able to offer our services to clientele with projects of great magnitude.

Take advantage of the amazing technological potential of our CNC capabilities and call us in Hialeah Gardens at our phone number 3059189118 to bring all your wonderful interior design dreams to fruition.

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