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When you need major remodeling work, our team of remodeling experts has your back. Providing the USA and Caribbean islands with a wide range of interior design and construction, from bathroom, closets and kitchen remodels to entire units. Our custom remodeling services can transform simple interior designs to extraordinary construction masterpieces.

Renovation – Improving and Redesigning Homes and Offices

Renovations are great if you want to fix up your old bathroom, kitchen, living room, bedrooms, offices or any other space you have in mind.

Interior architect design

Your home or office is due for a much needed makeover and you may wonder if it could get by with one or two touch-ups or whether a complete renovation is needed… get a quote


Renovations are sometimes necessary as they can improve your living- or working conditions considerably…. get a quote


Energy-Efficient, Cost-Effective Renovations

We are aware of the importance of making use of Eco_friendly materials as well as energy efficient products that contribute towards sustainable living. The cool aspect with a renovation job is that it increases the value of your home or business and importantly, if you are paying a lot for electricity, we can change windows, doors, flooring and ceiling and make your place energy_efficient, saving you a lot of money on monthly bills.

Replacing windows or installing double glazing can improve thermal comfort indoors and avoid you having to over use air conditioners.

As your living conditions or your business grows, you will need to adapt and make way for more room. A renovation gives your place a bright new, modern look, right down to choosing the right grout coloring in between your new tiles.

Commercial buildings, as well as home renovations, are customized to fit the client needs. Choose the right renovation company and things get done in a legitimate, professional fashion, where safety aspects are adhered to as well a fire codes. At High End Interior Designer, our experience allows us to optimize space to accommodate your needs.

3D Renderings - Get a Glimpse of what’s Coming your Way

Whether home, retail or office renovations, our sophisticated computer aided programs or 3D renderings help our customers visualize their ideal space and what everything will look like once completed.

Our Clients love these 3D renderings of their renovation project because we can easily make changes until we reach your ultimate design. Whether we are renovating kitchens, bathrooms, ceilings, closets , you name it , even with total demolitions, you will be able to visualize lighting, floors, color schemes, tiles, showers, and so much more.

Call us in Pembroke Park for Custom Renovations at our phone number 3059189118 , for your free consultation if you are considering a remodel or renovation as it is always important to only deal with a qualified, experienced team do everything right from the start.

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