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If you’ve got your mind set on a bathroom remodel this year, there are so many changes you can make that will improve both functionality, comfort and the looks of your bathroom.

The idea of having more bathroom space is a top reason why homeowners, hotels, restaurants and businesses choose to remodel. Many people don’t have the money to completely redo their bathroom, but a worthwhile alternative is to make some changes to an existing bathroom.

Simply adding a shower where there is none can change your bathroom dramatically. People love the idea of luxuriating under a relaxing shower as torrential water-sprays massage your body, leaving you refreshed and energized.

Turn your Bathroom into a Personalized Day-Spa

Like your kitchen, your bathroom is such an important room – you use it every day and throughout the day. You want it to become your personalized day spa – a quiet, therapeutic retreat to relax in.

There are so many good reasons for doing a bathroom remodel, and it’s to your benefit to make use of expert bathroom remodelers who have experience and skill like no other.

At High End Interior Designer, we know bathroom remodel mistakes can be massively costly and we make sure we do the job right where you get a bathroom that functions properly.

We know that electricity and plumbing are of key importance with bathroom remodeling and that is why we work with masters of their craft such as engineers, architects and plumbers to bring your bathroom to life.

Smart Choices give your More Space

Take toilets with hidden tanks as an example. The water storage container always used to be mounted above the toilet, but we can mount it inside the wall, a huge benefit for small bathrooms.

Hidden-cistern toilets also can be low-flow models where water is saved each time you flush. These are smart choices designed to look good, give you more space and also save precious water.

Bathroom storage is always a challenge, and we’ve got super ideas on how to design shelves that fit over toilets and tanks if you have one, making good use of unused wall areas.

You Want It – We’ve Got It

With any kind of bathroom remodeling job you want, hiring licensed professionals is important. You have to work with professionals who are licensed and do work according to code so that your bathroom works for you year after year.

So if you plan to use your bathroom like a day-spa and you need help on how to remodel your bathroom, call us at High End Interior Designer our phone number 3059189118 and get the bathroom you’ve always wanted. 

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