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A bathroom renovation is a perfect way to increase the value of your home, whether you are selling it or designing it to suit your current home needs.  The renovations bathrooms are expensive in terms of time and cost, going up to thousands of dollars. However, the daunting renovation process is countered by the serene feeling and hyper-function that comes with the investment.

Allowing professionals like hdrmiami to take care of your renovations bathroom needs gives you a smooth run during the entire process. Below are some of the things that you need to adhere to when dealing with bathroom renovations.


  • Asking important questions


Bathroom renovations are not one of those things you wake up and boom-you carry them out without prior planning. Setting questions, even with a design in mind, impacts largely on the renovations bathrooms needs.  First, it is important to talk to your professional before setting out to get inspiration designs and photos for your bathroom.

The main question lies within the budget and an estimate of what it would cost. Other crucial questions are based on your daily routine to determine the layout, the storage area, and people using the bathroom and insights on the current space. All these are vital in determining how the renovated bathroom will look, even in terms of mirrors, sinks, layouts among others.


  • Insights on your materials


Knowing the materials in your bathroom is vital and plays a significant role when it comes to planning and costs. 

Natural stone is used for the bathroom surface. It is known to do well in wet environs given the right sealant. There are also different types of natural stone; your choice will depend on aesthetics and pricing.  

Tiles are available in different types and styles from classic to bespoke, tiny tiles, and handmade tiles. They are affordable, stylish, and durable and can be used instead of natural stone. Wallpaper is another material that can be used in the bathroom. However, it should be placed away from splashes, and the right ventilation should be out in place to avoid humid buildup.


  • Understanding shower-tub basics


Understanding the basics of showers and tubs is vital for making certain renovations bathroom decisions. Choosing the right enclosure for the shower or the combination creates a big difference.  Curtains are a great preference for the shower/tub combo dues to flexibility. It is easy to change styles with the curtains.  

Glass doors are pretty amazing and give more space. A dash of warmth can be added with grids, frames, and finishes. Other people prefer no doorless showers. With such, waterproof surfaces are ideal with no worries of the splashing water.  All in all, the shower has to have the right fixtures be it with the standardized showerheads, faucets, or other added gadgets added for an upgrade.


  • Storage area


Having storage is a necessary force in the bathroom arena. When renovating, ensure that storage areas that can hold the necessary bathroom things are put up.  The storage area in the shower should be able to hold on to the shower products. The vanity can create a good storage area that can be customized or store-bought with materials that can stand high-moisture in mind.  The wall can also serve for floating shelves, hooks, towel racks, or cabinet mirrors depending on your preference.

Renovations bathrooms don’t have to be hard for you anymore. Reach out to hdrmiami for these and after bathroom renovation services.


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