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interior shots of a modern white kitchen

The kitchen is indeed the most special area of your home. It is said that Kitchen is the place where you make life-long memories. Therefore, everyone wants their kitchen to look clean and beautiful. A well-styled kitchen doesn’t only make your house more attractive but boosts your cooking morals too. A renovation kitchen once in a while will give a much-needed lift to your cooking space. If you are planning for a renovation kitchen, then we have combined some aspiring ideas for you to help you give your kitchen the best makeover.

To spark your inspirations even more, check out the website of High End Interior Designer service in Miami. They offer various layouts and options for a well-designed renovation kitchen. Please read on more to find out some amazing renovation kitchen ideas.

  1. Give a Good Splash

The most effective and common idea that comes into mind for kitchen remodeling is a tile backsplash. Not only does it look appealing but also makes your countertops and other cooking areas craft a look of perfect renovation kitchen. This idea is not very expensive, yet, creates a lot of room for your creativity to come out. At High End Interior Designer, check out some amazing backsplash trends for renovation kitchen. 

  1. Add an Island to Your Kitchen

If you do not have a kitchen island, consider adding one upon renovation. These days, the purpose of the kitchen island is not only restricted to a counter that is used for performing food prep activities. Nowadays, it is possible to add storage cabinets within the island and the top can also serve as an interim dining table.

HDR service provides lots of option for kitchen islands, from small counter type islands to giant platform types. Check out their catalog to give your cooking space a finish of renovation kitchen.

  1. Update to Open Shelves

Installing open shelves that allow for showcasing items makes your small kitchen look a little spacious. While replacing your shelves, always choose lower display cabinets rather than high cabinets. Your shelves should be at a standard height which is approximately eighteen inches above the counter level. To find out different designs of open shelves, visit the website of HDR service. 

  1. Remodel Lightening 

While planning for a well-designed renovation kitchen, use ideas and designs that are trendy, but can be modified later if they get out of fashion. Lights and fixtures are such elements that keep getting in and out of fashion. Therefore, during remodeling, you can replace your light fixtures and play with the color themes.

  1. Make Use of the Nook

If you have a corner in your kitchen that is underused, transform it into something that serves a multipurpose area. Clean out the area and install a comfy couch or throw some pillows to make it cozy. You can also accessorize that nook with wall hangings and showpieces. This nook can be used as your comfort space within your kitchen. You can have an informal dinner there or simply chill out amidst your cooking.

To turn your renovation kitchen ideas into reality, contact Miami based HDR service. With a multitude of services, HDR can help you remodel or renovate your entire kitchen. See their catalog for inspirational ideas.

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