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Interior of the room with wooden panel wall 3D rendering

You may think wood wall panels make a room look murky, rank, and little like the early ’70s, but these panels can also make your bedroom look stylish when used in the right way. Whether you want a complete makeover with wood wall panels or just a little update to your boring walls, get ready to transform your room with these paneling ideas, and learn how professionals do it.

At High End Interior Designer, we provide a variety of wood wall panels that can give your murky room a very elegant and charming look. If you are looking for quality wood panels and unique patterns, then contact HDR services based in Miami now! 

1. Pair Wood Wall Panels with Warm Colors 

To shift the aura of your room from dark and damp, try contrasting your wood wall panels with soft and warm tones. Especially in cabin rooms, use a very cold accent wood and balance it with warm-colored sheets and curtains. Use colors like raspberry, orange, and grey for bedcovers, pillows, and curtains. This theme goes very well with tanned walls and gives warm and fresh atmosphere. 


2. Whitewash Your Wood Wall Panels 

This is the most celebrated technique. Whitewashing your wall panels will retain the texture of woodgrains but lose the overall deep color that dampens the atmosphere. To whitewash your wood wall panels, initiate by watering down your white paint, then lightly brush it on the walls but immediately wipe it down, and keep repeating the process until the panels start showing the desired color. 


3. Try Complete Black Theme

Black wood wall panels look very elegant on the bathroom and bedroom walls. If you have a smaller room, painting your wood wall panels black or in any other dark color will make it look spacious and quite intimidating. Moreover, if you have damaged wall paneling that you are planning to replace, then painting them black will save you the hassle of renovation because black color often disguises the damage. 


4. Contrast Your Wood Wall Panels with Marble 

If you are aiming for the things to look more elevated and twisted, try pairing your wall panels with luxe textures and patterns. Marble can provide that luxe pattern, and when contrasted with wood, it can give you a very unique and wholesome feel. Note one thing, use thinner and narrow slats of wood wall panels if you are opting for this idea. Thin panels will create a more understated look. 


5. Spread The Panels 

If you are not planning a complete remodeling of your bedroom, try accenting the walls a little bit by installing few wood wall panels. There is no need to pack your walls with wood paneling, just a few panels are often enough to give your room a charming and unique makeover. Place only a few wood panels on your wall and space them out as you like. This theme will give your bedroom a very modern and eccentric vibe, and you would not have to spend a lot either. 

Contact High End Interior Designer service in Miami if you want to apply any of these ideas to your home walls! 


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