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When you go searching for a perfect piece of furniture to place in your dining room, you may find different assortments and options that serve similar functions but have multiple names. You will surely come across storage cabinets, a custom buffet, a sideboard, a hutch, and many more. But to make a wise choice, you should know the difference between all these. What purpose do a custom buffet, a sideboard, and a hutch serve? You will find the answer to this question in this article. Fortunately, furniture experts at High End Interior Designer are here to help you figure out their purposes and how they are different even though they seem to be similar. Please read on to break down the differences yourself while buying. 


Where you place the furniture within your home makes a lot of difference. For instance, there is not much variance between a custom buffet and a sideboard, both are used for display and storage, but when it is placed in a living area, you have got yourself a sideboard, and in a dining area, it is called a custom buffet. 

What Is a Custom Buffet? 

This artistic kind of furniture comes from Sweden, initially used as a serving table to lay down drinks before dinner, then progressed into a table to serve meals. People chose custom buffets for large servings of meals consisting of more than one course. 

A custom buffet offers you a large horizontal storage space, specifically suitable for setting out buffet-style meals. Initially placed in dining areas for convenient serving, but nowadays, you can place buffet tables in kitchens as well. 

The typical features of a custom buffet are medium or long legs supporting the weight of upper cabinets and drawers. With a custom buffet, you will never run short of storage space as it facilitates a lot of cupboard space.  

Breaking Down Sideboards

Formerly, the sideboard was used as a serving table, then over time, cabinets and drawers were installed to enable easy storage of valuable dishes and other items. By appearance, it looks like a low, long cupboard supported on short legs (often) and having narrow depth, making it idyllic to fit in a small space. 

It can serve the purpose of a buffet when located inside a dining room, and contrarily, a sideboard when placed in a foyer, living room, kitchen, or hall. 

The Hutch 

A sideboard and a buffet look similar, but a hutch stands out in appearance. It is seemingly an addition to provide extra storage and display space. When you see a bunch of shelves or cabinets installed over a lower cupboard or cabinetry unit, then it is no doubt a hutch. It is conventionally located in the dining room or kitchen, but its versatility allows it to be placed anywhere in your house, be it a foyer or a bedroom.

High End Interior Designer service in Miami can help you choose the right storage furniture for your home. Whether you are looking for a sideboard or a buffet, HDR is here to assist you in making a perfect decision. You can also get your buffet tables customized as per your storage requirements.

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