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Let’s agree that people have a thing for creating their custom kitchens, but sometimes, it blows your budget away. In custom kitchens, it is usually all about adding a personal touch that feels and looks designer and highly professional. Luckily, these days, with a variety of cabinetries and other renovation supplies, it is not that big of a hassle to design custom kitchens. With a creative mind and an appropriate budget, you can do this easily without getting everything built from scratch. 

HDR (High End Interior Designer) service in Miami can help you in the execution of your plans regarding custom kitchens. Visit HDR’s website to get an idea of their services. 

Here are some fun ideas to add a bespoke-y feel to your kitchen.

1. Choose The Right Cabinets

One thing that works very well in small kitchens and completely fits into the budget are recessed panel profile cabinets. These cabinets can give custom kitchens a very traditional look, but when you replace knobs and other elements, they can also become very modern and chic. You can also have an inside pantry built under these cabinets to push the overall look more towards modernity. 

2. Replace Hardware 

Hardware is something that accessorizes your kitchen. In custom kitchens, hardware represents your elite taste and sets the theme of your space. Changing hardware can help you manipulate the entire aura of your kitchen without even having to splash a lot of cash. You can install restoration hardware or upgrade the cabinet knobs from wood to crystal. If you have white cabinetries, then you can use dark bronzed handles or knobs to add a little touch of warmth to your kitchen. 

3. Add Semi Floating Shelves

If you think cabinets are making your kitchen feel crowded or congested, then replace them with open semi-floating shelves. And if you want to combine them with kitchen cabinets, then go for wooden hanging planks having the same color or theme as your cabinets. This combination of both cabinetries and semi-floating shelves will help your kitchen look less crowded and more spacious. 

4. Pullouts and Paneling 

You can conveniently conceal your dishwashers and driers behind cabinet paneling. That will help you make your custom kitchen look more streamlined and organized. Adding pullout options in custom kitchens is also a smart move as they become great pantries and dispensers. With pullouts and paneling, you will have a kitchen that has a lot of space and is well-organized. 

5. Upgrade Countertops

Upgrading countertops is the most amazing thing you can do to remodel your kitchen. These days, people are replacing their traditional old-fashioned countertops with unique marbles. Not only marble countertops are trendy but also bring a very lux texture that looks both eccentric and stylish in custom kitchens. Also, marble countertops are great for you if you are into baking. 

High End Interior Designer provides you an option of convenient and on-the-budget remodeling. HDR specializes in transforming boring cooking spaces into perfect custom kitchens. If you are in Miami, call on HDR to solve all your renovation problems. 


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