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As a owner of a double-story house, you should aware of importance of a secure, sturdy, and fantastically crafted stairway. whereas some owners like a customary stairway, others appreciate the other advantages, look, and feel of bespoke stairs. Floating stairs are the simplest and good choice to improve their home. they’re undeniably lovely, however they supply alternative advantages that several owners view granted.


What Is a Floating Staircase?

A floating stairway, or independent stairway, is purposefully designed to attenuate or hide the construction of the stairway. this provides them their trademark light-weight, mid-air floating look. You will even be able to install floating stairs while not a barrier, more enhancing the levitating look.

Floating stairs give variety of advantages to owners that stem from their distinctive style. Let’s take a more in-depth cross-check a number of the advantages of floating staircases.

1) Floating Stairs give a 1 of a sort Look and Feel

A floating stairway will act as Associate in Nursing accent or add aptitude to an area, making a novel layout that evokes a straightforward, trendy look. Their levitating look offers them a light-weight look that enhances virtually any interior or home vogue.

Of course, once floating stairs square measure utilized in combination with Associate in Nursing open plan, they additionally permit a lot of light-weight to enter your home. In turn, serving to to make a naturally lit, airy, and reposeful, home surroundings. This makes them ideal for owners UN agency would like to make a contemporary or open downstairs space.

2) Floating Stairs square measure Versatile

One of the most important advantages of floating staircases is their skillfulness in style. they will be put in during a variety of various ways in which, that permits them to suit during a large choice of areas and area sizes. to boot, there square measure many varieties of floating stairs:

  • Straight or customary
  • L-shaped stairs
  • Spiral staircases
  • U-shaped stairs
  • Winder stairs
  • Cantilever staircases

3) They produce Associate in Nursing Open plan in Your Home

With ancient staircases, the read to neighboring rooms, or perhaps across constant area is blocked. this could produce incommodious areas or a restricted, closed-off read at intervals your home. However, this type of stairs may also increase the space in the house. They will even create areas in your home seem larger, and a lot of expansive.

Floating stairs may be a perfect resolution in homes that supply smaller areas, after you have already got less way. Incorporating a floating stairway will produce a way of openness and house.

Alternatively, if you’ve got a bigger house Associate in Nursingd square measure coming up with an open plan, then a floating stairway could be a must-have addition.

4) They provide quite Convenient Storage

Because floating stairs minimize or hide their support, it exposes the realm at a lower place them for space for storing. this could be a good convenience for you if your home does not have enough space for storing, or if you just wish additional area to make a further easy, effective suggests that of storing belongings or avoiding litter. In fact, you’ll even have your floating stairway designed with further storage in mind.

Find the proper seek for Your Home

Whenever you’re undergoing any home renovation project, it’s necessary to seek out the proper seek for your home. Equally necessary is ensuring you produce that look victimization quality elements. If you’re coming up with or putting in a floating stairway in your home, HDRMIAMI is here to assist check that your stairs square measure lovely and well crafted.

HDRMIAMI is proud to manufacture quality, thick floating support treads. Our treads square measure out there in custom sized dimensions in over fifteen wood species – from birch and mahogany to maple and cherrywood. we tend to additionally supply a spread of texture choices as well as hand-scraped, wire brushed, sawcut, and distressed. Click below to buy our full choice of floating support treads or provide America a decision if you’ve got questions about a custom order!

HDRMIAMI can give vivid look to your home with innovative ideas of custom floating stairs. We are expert in the field of commercial and residential carpentry projects. Feel free to contact us to get free quote.

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