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If you like uncluttered rooms, you’ll make sure that you’ve got cabinets of different sizes. A cabinet is made up of the carcass, and the front part of the cabinet most times has a mix of drawers and shelves.

To design cabinets and vanities, case construction is the initial step. You want to be sure you have a sturdy cabinet design to ensure functional, stylish cabinets that will serve you for a long time.

Custom cabinets that have been designed properly will provide quality and value. At High End Interior Designer we make use of the latest machinery and precision joinery to produce cabinetry with exceptional craftsmanship.

We Make Changes till you’re Satisfied

Custom cabinets are built specifically for the room in which they will be used. As professional cabinet makers and carpenters, we come to your place and measure the space in your rooms. We build cabinets making use of computer design software, creating drawings with 2D and 3D views of your project. We can make changes in the design process so that you get the precise cabinets you want, making use of the layout and measurements we’ve collected earlier.

Involved in every step of Custom Cabinet Design Process

Our custom cabinets are built to fit all walls and can be of different heights. They are built to order before being assembled and installed. At High End Interior Designer, we don’t do anything in half measures and we’re involved in every step of the custom cabinet design process – from the first free consultation to design to manufacture to installation.

When you’re thinking of cabinets in your home or business, you can opt for a stand-alone cabinet or you can have cabinets attached to the wall.

Solid Wood a Popular Choice

An important aspect of cabinet design is choosing the materials you want for the construction of the cabinet. Apart from what the cabinet will look like, the material will also play a part in the durability of the cabinet.

Most cabinets are made from fiberboard, particleboard, plywood, and solid wood. Solid wood is commonly used according to our customer’s requirements but it is more expensive compared to engineered wood. Natural wood is expensive as well as the manufacturing process required but the outcome is worth it.

We most times use solid wood for the cabinet doors and trims but not for the cabinet box. If you love the look of solid wood but can’t afford it, we use veneers to give you the look of natural wood grain but without the more expensive price tag.

We outperform in Miami

Avoid being frustrated and disappointed with badly designed cabinets by making sure you only deal with the best custom cabinet designers in Miami. At High End Interior Designer we design and build cabinets to your exact specifications and if you want to have custom cabinets that can help you achieve your goals then we’re waiting for your call.


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