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Millwork Specialists in Miami

Millwork is all those items such as interior doors, window casing, wood paneling, base trim, decorative products such as door casings and mantels that are made in a mill.

We’re millwork specialists in Miami, and these items, whether made from glass, wood, or metal are all cut and created from their raw form. To do this, we ensure that we have CNC machines so that we can efficiently complete custom millwork for all our Miami customers.

With CNC machines we’re able to deliver outstanding accuracy and precision that can be duplicated time after time – an important feature for millwork. Our customers demand extraordinary work from us and these CNC machines provide us with exceptional levels of accuracy and we save a lot of time. 

Interior designs nowadays are created from millwork pieces that give homes, restaurants, and offices that elegant touch. These architectural millwork pieces can be beams, balustrades, crown molding, stairways, chair rails, columns, ceilings, cabinetry, and more. 

Exceptional Levels of Accuracy with our Work

We’re amazing artisans and know how to create top-quality architectural millwork, kitchen cabinets, wall panels, and furniture for residential and commercial properties. Our experience with hardwoods and softwoods ensures beautiful custom beds, cabinets, bathroom vanities, interior doors, and much more to all areas of Miami.

We bring Artistic Designs to Fruition

As millwork specialists, for residential and commercial interior design projects, our millwork is in high demand for its detailed workmanship. We do custom millwork drawings that we adhere to so as to ensure precision pieces. 

At High End Interior Designer, we’re so experienced and skilled, we can bring any artistic idea to fruition. Sometimes a homeowner or a business is specifically wanting an update and they aren’t looking for a more costly remodel. 

An interior millwork project such as replacing interior doors or doing decorative trim work can do wonders. It is why we work with architects, engineers, and other industry professionals – to completely transform your place. 

Interior decorating and millwork is all those eye-catching pieces that decorate or ‘finish’ off your place. Architectural millwork is ideal for interior decorating because the pieces are essentially made from wood and are most times stained or painted.

As millwork specialists, our millwork for homes and businesses can be decorative but also functional. Custom millwork is attractive and can be matched to any home or business style and décor.

We’re leading millwork specialists in Miami and once you’ve experienced our workmanship you’ll wonder how you ever got by without us.


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